Along the Way

Lock Dam

 The earthen dam was built in 1841 to divert the flow of Chamberlain Lake water into the East Branch of the Penobscot River.

The Tramway

 The original cable tramway was built in 1902-1903 to transport logs from Eagle Lake to Chamberlain Lake.

Abandoned Railroad

The Eagle Lake and Unmbazooksus Railroad was built in 1925-26 and hauled 125,000 cords of pulpwood each year from Eagle to Umbazooksus Lake. The remains of the 2 giant oil burning steam locomotives which made the round trip between the lakes every three hours, are a startling site as they stand near the shore of Eagle Lake.

Chase Rapids

The most taxing stretch of water on the Allagash extends between Churchill Dam and Umsaskis Lake. The 9-mile course through the rips can be a high point for white water canoe enthusiasts. Portage service is available for this stretch of whitewater. Chase rapids at Churchill Dam is classified as class II, gear and or canoe can be shuttled around by waterway rangers ($10.00 fee).

Allagash Falls

For many, forty foot Allagash Falls is the scenic climax of the trip. The falls is 13 miles from the point where the Allagash joins the St. John River near the Maine-New Brunswick border. Click here to view a beautiful photo of the falls.


We offer three major river trips which include the Penobscot River, the Allagash Chamberlain Bridge Canoe Trip PreparationWilderness Waterway, and the Saint John River. Each has multiple drop off and pick up points to match the amount of time you have to relax on Maine's waterways. Choose your trip by clicking the river link of your choice below:


The Allagash Waterway is widely recognized as one of the best canoeing areas in the country, and deservedly so. Paddling north from Chamberlain Bridge there are over one hundred miles of lakes and river before reaching the first civilization at Allagash Village. Fish and wildlife are abundant. No dangerous rapids are encountered and navigation is not difficult, but some camping and canoeing experience is recommended.

The longest trip through the waterway starts at Chamberlain Lake and ends at Allagash Village, a distance of about 92 miles and takes between 7 to 10 days. It is a good idea to allow some extra time since some days strong winds will make paddling on the large lakes difficult. Shorter trips may be taken from Chamberlain Lake north to Churchill Dam which is mostly lakes or Umsaskis Lake to Allagash Village which is mostly river.

For a great side trip, consider that 3 miles west of Lock Dam lies the mouth of Allagash Stream. An experienced canoeist can make the 6 mile trip with pole and paddle up this stream to the unforgettable solitude of Allagash Lake. The lake and stream are closed to airplanes, motors and any type of mechanized equipment. Only canoes are permitted here.

The water level in the side stream is highly variable. There may be a lack of adequate flow of water for canoeing at any time in the season.

A short portage from Lock Dam will take you along the traditional route with a 12-mile paddle from Eagle Lake, a 2 mile run through the thoroughfare, and 5 more miles of lake to Churchill Dam. Below the dam is a nine-mile trip through Chase Rapids, dropping into Umsaskis Lake. Chase Rapids is famous for its whitewater canoeing. It takes an experienced person in the stern of the canoe, who is able to guide the canoe through the rocks when the water is running high!

The trip across Umsaskis Lake to the Thoroughfare at Long Lake is 5 miles long. Here the private American Reality Road crosses the waterway.

Another 5 miles through Long Lake will carry you into the 10-mile run downriver to Round Pond which is 3 miles wide.

An 18-mile paddle to Allagash Falls, a third of a mile portage, and a run of 8 miles will bring you to West Twin Brook.

West Twin Brook is the end of the Allagash waterway but many prefer to continue another 5 miles to Allagash Village at the confluence of the St. John and Allagash rivers. There are five starting points on the Allagash Waterway most commonly used by Katahdin Outfitters. All camping is in designated campsites only, on a first come first serve basis. Where space is available, campsites are set up to hold two separate parties. All campsites have picnic tables with ridge poles, tip-off grate fireplaces, and privies. The maximum size party allowed on the waterway is 12 people.

Chamberlain Bridge: 92 Miles, 7 Days
Indian Stream: 80 Miles, 6 Days
Churchill Dam: 62 Miles, 4 Days
Bissonette Bridge: 55 Miles, 4 Days
Allagash Stream/Johnson Pond: 90 Miles, 7 Days
Umsaskis: 53 Miles, 4 Days


Mileage Chart
From To Mileage
Chamberlain Lake Lock Dam 10
Lock Dam Tramway 6
Lock Dam Allagash Lake 9
Tramway Churchill Dam 13
Churchill Dam Umsaskis Lake 9
Umsaskis Lake Long Lake Dam 11
Long Lake Round Pond 10
Round pond Michaud farm 15
Michaud Farm Allagash Falls 3
Allagash falls Twin Brook 8
Twin Brook Allagash Village 6
Chamberlain Lake Allagash Village 98


In order to gain access to the Allagash Waterway, you will have to pass through the North Maine Woods gate at the Telos Gate. For your convenience and planning, we have posted this link to the NMW fee structure here.

Remember, if you decide to pull out and end your trip at Michaud Farm, you will have to pay the appropriate fees because you are still accessing the North Maine Woods. If you take out at Allagash Village there are no more fees other than 2 dollars per person per night if you decide to camp there and 1 dollar per canoe landing fee. This fee is paid to the neighboring landowner.

You may check here to view some of the popular spots on the Allagash River.

We are not responsible for water levels in the river. Mother nature takes care of this and it is therefore out of our control.

You may also check here to view up to date water levels and flows
on the Allagash Waterway.

The end of the Allagash River in Allagash, Maine.
The end of the Allagash River in Allagash, Maine.


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